Are you part of a group that wants to take a vacation together but you don’t want to plan every detail?  Whether it’s a family trip, a group of friends or a group with the same interests (think book groups, quilting, golf, cooking, workout, religious groups, girl’s trip etc.) you need a lot of things to go right for your itinerary to unfold without too much hassle or stress.

Planning a vacation for a group of people takes some creative thinking but in our opinion, cruising is the best option for these 5 reasons:

Food and Entertainment are Included

Most group trips run into numerous financial snags, mostly because not everyone traveling has the same type of travel budget. Where parts of your group may want to splurge on meals, for example, others may prefer frugal dining. The same can be said for shows or excursions.

Either way, cruises offer something for everyone. Most restaurants/eating options on the ship are included in the cruise fare, meaning everyone can eat what they want without worrying about what it costs. And since most of the entertainment is included, everyone in your group will find something free to do.

Lots of Gathering Space

Cruise ships are designed to entertain the masses with sprawling pool decks, huge theaters and plenty of common areas. This means your group won’t have to gather in your tiny rooms or hang at dinner only.

On a cruise, you can gather your people nearly anywhere and spend time doing whatever you want!  

More Privacy than a Large Vacation Rental

While it’s common to rent a single vacation rental to accommodate a large family or group, this option can leave people wishing they had more privacy. Let’s face it; not everyone wants to share a bathroom with people other than their spouse. Plus, it’s common for even the closest of friends to want some quiet or alone time.

With a cruise, every individual, couple or family unit has their own cabin to retreat to, which means they can have privacy when it’s needed.

Activities for Everyone to Do

The best group trips offer recreational opportunities for everyone: A gym for people who work out, basketball/pickleball, swimming pools, bars, games and entertainment options, etc.

Obviously, cruises offer all of this and more—and all for the one price everyone pays ahead of time. Once your cruise has departed, you’ll never run out of things to do, both as a group and individually.

Cruise Ports Give Everyone a Break

Another great thing about cruising is that, unlike some other group travel options, everyone gets a break each time your ship docks. You can depart the ship in a big group and enjoy an excursion together. Or, you can break off into individual families, singles or couples to find something to do on your own.

Plus, these included breaks can make your group trip more dynamic and a lot more fun as you see different places and cultures.