Frequently Asked Questions

Cruise FAQs

What is included in the price of a cruise?

Your room, food, and entertainment is all included! A lot of times you don’t pay for anything else on top of your cruise faire. The only additional charges are #1 gratuities (usually $16-20/person/day) and #2 anything you do in port off the ship.

Do you get seasick?

Cruise ships are so big and well-designed you hardly feel the waves. That being said, sometimes if the water is rough it is possible to feel slight motion sickness. If you’re sensitive to motion sickness bring some Dramamine and you’ll be totally fine!

Do you get bored on a ship?

Only if you try to! On a lot of the cruise ships there is so much to do as far as shows, games, activities you can never do everything! If you’re looking to relax, you can easily do that as well.

Are cruises good for kids?

Cruises are AMAZING for kids (mother of 4 speaking here). They have specific kids areas, activities, and entertainment. The nice thing about cruises is they really go out of their way to provide a good environment for kids because families make up so much of their business!

Is the food good?

The food is unbelievable. We have sailed on 6 different cruise lines and over 20 different ships and have always loved the food. It’s really fun to have the sit-down dining experience (appetizer, main course, dessert) and be able to order as many dishes as you want!

Is a cruise worth it if I don’t drink alcohol?

Totally! Cruises have a reputation of being a place people go to drink and that’s not the case! While there are a lot of bars on cruise ships, there is so much to do other than drink! If you don’t drink alcohol you can order virgin mocktails which is fun! We’d be happy to provide you with a list of our favorite!

What is the Best Time of Year to Cruise?

It depends on where you want to go! We think Caribbean cruises are great year-round. Alaskan cruises are great in the summer. European cruises are best Spring/Summer/Fall.

Travel Agent FAQs

How much extra do I have to pay to use a travel agent?

We are paid by the vendor and we never charge a service fee.  They almost always have price parity, the cost is the same whether you book through us, direct with them, or with an online booking engine.  Oftentimes we can get you a better deal because we have exclusive discounts or promotional offers through our host agency.

The difference between using a travel agent is that we help you plan a stress-free vacation without the time and hassle of doing it alone. And we can help you if there are ever any issues.

What is the advantage of using a travel agent?

With us, you get exceptional personal assistance before, during, and after your vacation. You also benefit from our extensive personal connections which carry a certain gravitas when needing anything addressed. We provide honest advice about all resorts, cruise lines and destinations to help you choose the perfect vacation for you

We also try and stay current on what is going on in the travel industry so you can make an informed decision about where and when it is best to travel.

Do I have to pay upfront for my vacation?

No! The deposit requirements are set by the vendor we book through. Deposit rates vary based on the package you select, and the time you are traveling.  

Your payment goes directly with the resort or tour operator. At no time does our agency ever charge your credit card. This way, you are assured that your deposit is applied directly to your vacation at the time of booking. 

Do travel agents handle everything, even emergencies?

Yes, we handle all emergencies that may come up before, during and after your trip.  We work with the cruise lines, hotels, and tours.