5 Things to Do When Visiting Czech Republic

After my trip to the Czech Republic here are the 5 things that I would absolutely make sure to hit while visiting. The Czech Republic is an amazing place to be sure and it’s hard to really go wrong when traveling there but DEFINITELY do these 5 things!

HIT ? Prague Castle

Sitting high on a hill overlooking the Charles Bridge and Vltava River, Prague Castle (Prazsky Hrad) is a huge complex of museums, churches, palaces, and gardens dating from the ninth century. Nestled in the historic center of Prague it is the largest castle complex in the world. It is an outstanding relic of Prague’s architectural history. Tickets for Prague Castle can be found here

Prague at Night

HIT ? Dlouha Louka Villa Resort

This was a fantastic gem in the Czech countryside. Perfect if traveling with a group of adults and/or small children. Hluboka Castle is just 15-20 minutes up the road and the beautiful Cesky Krumlov only a short 20-30 minute drive away. The resort has a tennis court, a pool and gym, playgrounds and bike rental. The restaurant had delicious food. I would gladly visit again if passing through the area. You can find the website for this amazing accommodation here. The Resort is about 2 hours South of Prague but it’s definitely worth staying at because the next two HITs are soo close!

The Villa Resort – Click Picture to see Photos of the Resort

HIT ? Hluboka Castle

Parking is a ways away from the Castle. There is a small shuttle train but this is reserved for tour groups. It ends up being a pretty steep walk up to the castle but well worth it! A separate ticket is required to go up to the tower (about 200 stair steps). The view from the tower is spectacular once up there. Tours happen hourly, but might be in non-English. You can, however, go on any of the tours and will be handed an English printed translation. The Castle & Grounds are absolutely beautiful! This castle is just shy of 2 hours south of Prague so it’s worth hitting on the way to or from the next attraction Cesky Krumlov. Below is a YouTube video that really highlights just how great this castle is!

HIT ? Cesky Krumlov

This picturesque historic town in southern Bohemia has over three hundred buildings in the historical center. Some of the best attractions to visit are the Castle, the famous Hall of Masks, the unique Baroque theatre, the chateau garden with a Rococo fountain, and the wooden river rafts. It feels as if you’re walking through an incredible European painting! The scenery in this town is definitely worth the trip down, absolutely a stunning place!

HIT ? Liberec

I only spent a few hours in Liberec and wished I had more time there. It has an especially great vibe, it’s old town square is breath-taking and the cafes and villas are colorful and fun. It’s not the place where you have to run from one place to another, ticking them off from your list. It’s the city where you can slow down, enjoy the great walks around beautiful architecture or in the surrounding mountains in nature. A place I would love to spend a few more days in! A video guide to the city can be seen below.

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