About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place! Read to learn about the story and people behind FineOuting.com and see our latest adventures.

Our story


After every family event our grandpa would say, “It was a fiiiiine outing!” and growing up our family traveled a lot and had a lot of fine outings but the thing that always used to present challenges was the trip planning.  After our latest family trip we sat down and talked about what kind of things would make planning a trip easier and we all agreed that the best way to plan a trip is to get suggestions from someone who has been there before.  And thus a few short months later Fine Outing was born.  We hope you’ll be able to echo the words of Grandpa after each trip and say, “It was a fiiiiine outing!”

Who are We?

Pictured Left to Right: Sarah, Emily, Amy, Troy, Ryan, Jeff, Ellie

We are the Lunts, a family that loves to travel together.  We started out with yearly trips from our home in Utah to nearby California but have gradually grown our traveling repertoire expanding our horizons to collectively visit over 20 countries and over 30 United States.  Currently we all live in Utah with the exception of Emily, who is living abroad. 

We’ve discovered through planning our many travels that there are many things we would do again if given the chance and there are many things we would not.  Planning a great family trip is not as easy as it might seem, even in a day where ‘google’ is a commonly used verb. We created this travel blog for you by you to help you plan your next trip, finding the hidden treasures and skipping out on things that are a little more meh all in the hopes that your next trip will be a ‘fine outing’!

Check out a Video from our latest trip: New York!