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  • Luxury Cruising with Children

    Luxury Cruising with Children

    Recently I was asked by a few clients how they can go on a cruise their children will love but that they can get the same service and perks as they would on a luxury cruise. If you book the right staterooms, you can get the feel of a luxury cruise and your kids will…


  • Top 5 Luxury Ocean Cruise Lines

    Top 5 Luxury Ocean Cruise Lines

    Luxury cruise lines have long enticed travelers seeking a superior experience. Some offer exotic voyages to faraway destinations, while others attract travelers with comfortable cabins and stimulating enrichment programs. But with cruise lines continuously upping the industry standard, how do you know which will deliver the best experience? Based on a methodology that factors in…


  • Viking Danube River Cruise

    Viking Danube River Cruise

    A river cruise on the Danube is a magnificent journey that allows travelers to explore the heart of Europe while enjoying the comfort and luxury of a floating boutique hotel. Last year we were able to experience a river cruise on the main section Danube with some friends. When you book a river cruise, there…


  • Three Days in London

    Three Days in London

    London is a city steeped in history and culture that offers an abundance of iconic landmarks and attractions that draw visitors from around the world. Recently we spent a few days exploring London. It was a short, but unforgettable experience that combined historical significance, architectural marvels, and even some West End (London’s Broadway) musical entertainment. …


  • Scandinavian Summer 

    Scandinavian Summer 

    Over the course of 11 enchanting days in June 2023, we explored beautiful Scandinavia aboard the luxurious Oceania Marina.  Oceania Cruises lived up to its reputation of absolutely beautiful cruise ships, over-the-top food, outstanding staff and incredible itineraries!   In addition to all the amazing things we did in port, while we were on the ship…


  • 5 Ways Using a Travel Advisor Beats Booking On Your Own   

    5 Ways Using a Travel Advisor Beats Booking On Your Own   

    While the internet is a great tool for initial research when planning your getaway, nothing saves you more time or headache than the personalized experience and knowledge of a professional travel advisor.   Here’s why: 1) More bang for your buck Travel advisors create and maintain relationships with cruise lines, resorts, hotels as well as  other…