How to Travel with a Group

Jeffrey gives his tips for planning a trip with a group in a step by step process

Step 1: Determine how many people will be going

Is this going to be a family vacation, a trip with a group of friends or a mix of the two with a bunch of families traveling together?  Identifying the number of people going helps to determine what kind of activities are feasible. For example: If you’re going to be traveling with a group of families a museum visit may not be polite to other patrons and visiting the corner coffee shop that generously fits 5 people is definitely not going to work for a group of 30.  Nailing down numbers before planning specific activities helps to make the vacation enjoyable for everyone involved!

Step 2: Compile a list of activities and locations where people want to visit

These don’t all have to line up perfectly.  When my family used to visit California each summer we would often spend the day at the beach while a lot of other families went to Disneyland. (I know, it was a sad childhood haha!) My family just loved spending time at the beach and my family, in particular, my dad, weren’t as interested in taking a day to go to Disneyland.  We would, however, take a day and go to a Padres or Angles baseball game with some of the other families but some would stay at the beach while we were gone. Everyone got to do everything they wanted to with a little bit of coordination so that the baseball game day didn’t line up with the Disneyland day.

Step 3: Coordinate the activities so that everyone gets to do the things they want

This isn’t an exact science.  There are certain things especially with constrained travel schedules that will have to be missed but having a meeting to determine when people are going to do things and what things are must-dos for certain people helps you plan the trip in a way that makes everyone happy! 

Step 4: Make sure you’re being sensitive to budgets

Not everyone makes the same amount of money.  As you plan where to stay just be sensitive that not everyone can drop the money for a 5-star hotel.  If you’re the type of person that has to stay in these kinds of accommodations to be happy then make sure there are other places nearby so you can at least be accessible during the trip.

Step 5: Book everything and enjoy the trip!

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