Why River Cruise?

River cruising is quickly becoming the most popular way to travel in Europe. For those of you who think river cruises are just for old people you are ‘missing the boat!’ The average age of river cruises continues to drop as younger people and families are discovering this great way to travel. Our recent cruise to The Netherlands and Belgium included passengers from 13 to 94 years old and included families and newly weds. 

Some of the most popular European rivers are the Danube, Rhine and Moselle. But river cruising is no longer just for Europe. There are also amazing itineraries around the world such as in Asia on the Mekong and in Africa on the Nile. 

You may be asking yourself “What’s the difference between ocean cruises and river cruises. One thing is that ocean cruises generally sail TO different countries. The much smaller river cruise ships allow you to sail THROUGH countries.  One thing we love about river cruising is that in many ports, you get off the ship within walking distance of the city center. This means more time to explore amazing destinations.

Ama Waterways River Cruise Ship, the difference between river cruises and ocean cruises

Here are some points of distinction of river cruises in general and of AmaWaterways specifically:

  1. All river cruise companies offer excursions at each of their ports. Some are included and some are not and many come with a fairly steep price tag. AmaWaterways is the all inclusive river cruising company. They include different options of enriching guided city tours offered at three activity levels, tastings of local specialities, and excursions for late risers. They also include exhilarating guided hikes and bike tours. There’s something for every activity level all operated in small groups.
  2. AmaWaterways welcomes fewer guests on their award-winning ships. This results in less crowded public areas and more onboard amenities. We definitely noticed their personal touch and attention to detail on our cruise when compared to other river cruise lines we’ve been on. Their 29 ships welcome from 28 to 196 guests on board. 
  3. Cruise Managers are with you every step of the way, throughout your cruise and during any pre or post cruise land packages you choose to do.
  4. All meals are included on board, including The Chef’s Table specialty restaurant. Their cuisine features locally sourced ingredients, enabling you to taste authentic regional cuisine. Unlimited regional wines are thoughtfully selected to enhance dining. There is also a complimentary Sip & Sail cocktail hour before dinner. We thought the food was delicious and a step above their competitors. 
  5. AmaWaterways leads the way in sustainability, from offering the first fleet of bicycles to designing energy-efficient engines to eliminating single-use plastics on board. 

If you are interested in looking more into taking a River Cruise, I’d love to meet with you to answer your questions and explore your options. Please fill out a travel inquiry form to get started today!