5 Things to Do and Avoid When visiting Spokane, WA

Eliza and Benjamin P. share the top 5 hits and misses from their recent trip to Spokane, Washington.

HIT ? Crystal Gold Mine, Kellogg, Idaho

The mine is a flat and safe walk, but it is chilly so bring a jacket! You can see actual tools, dynamite, and hard hats used by the original miners, and have an amazing glimpse into the geology and mineralogy of the land! Afterward, you’ll be able to actually pan for gold, garnets, and other precious gems! Based just outside of stunning Couer D’Alene, this was a must-see!

Couer D’Alene is about 45 minutes away from Spokane but this is a fun activity that is just up the road when you’re visiting Spokane. And this way you can say you’ve visited Idaho as well! Click here for the website for the Gold Mine

HIT ? The Snake Pit, Enaville, ID

This place in on the way to and from Kellogg where the Gold Mine is. This is Idaho’s oldest restaurant and this place is a trip down an old-west memory lane! So much to look at, and if you’re lucky, the owner will show you the top floor that was once an old brothel! Tons of history, and great food!

MISS ? Riverfront Park

Directions were unclear on how to navigate this park, leading to tons of walking in unshaded areas. There was not much to do besides avoid the cigarette smoke and find your way back to the car.

HIT ? Mirabeau Point Park

A lovely walk through gorgeous scenery during the not-so-hot months! Stunning natural waterfalls and lakes with plenty to see in a non-strenuous hiking setting. Bring the whole family!

HIT ? Manito Park

A stunning park located just outside downtown Spokane, Manito Park is a must-see for anyone visiting the Pacific Northwest! Several gardens with different themes and experiences, all within walking distance of each other. Accessible bathrooms are along the path, as well as cafes and water fountains.

Thank you, Eliza and Benjamin, for sharing your experience in Spokane and Northern Idaho! These definitely look like some Fine Outings!

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