5 Things to Do or Avoid in London

Susan shares her 5 hits and misses from a recent trip to London. In her response, she did not provide too much information so this may not explain why or why not something was a hit or a miss but we do our best to describe the outing and outline what may or may not be positives or negatives of the outing. It sure sounds like a fun trip full of Fiiine Outings!

5 Things to Do When Traveling to Peru

Liz B. shares her 5 favorite parts from her trip to Peru! This is our first South American Country Blog Post so make sure to give it a read. Peru looks absolutely stunning from the pictures we got from Liz. Looks like the trip was full of Fiiine Outings!

5 Things to Do When Visiting Jordan

Stephen W shares his top 5 fine outings from his recent trip to Jordan. Littered with well preserved historical structures as well as places rich with historical and religious significance, visiting Jordan sounds like a Fiiine Outing!

5 Things to Do in Maui

The Thompson Family shares their 5 Hits and Misses from their recent trip to Maui, Hawaii. If you’re thinking of visiting Maui this a must-read to find out how to spend your time there!