5 Things to Do When Visiting Belize

Adrienne S. shares the top 5 hits from her trip to Belize.

HIT ? Xunantunich and Cave Tubing Combo Tour

You are picked up, provided water the entire day, lunch is provided, and the guides are amazing! More information can be found on their website including information about their different tour options.

HIT ? The Guava Limb

This was a good basic restaurant with food from all over. Rated as the #1 restaurant in Belize by TripAdvisor you can check out their website to see if any of their offerings are appetizing!

HIT ? Crystal Auto Rental Belize

The best car rental place! It’s great because there is a pick up/drop off location at the airport and you can rent vehicles that are allowed to drive on dirt roads (which is basically the whole country). Make sure to get tire and windshield insurance! It’s a small extra cost that will save you hundreds if something were to happen. You also get a cell phone and cooler along with your rental. Check out their website to check availability

HIT ? Caveman snorkeling tour with nurse sharks and manta rays

The water is so clear!! Lunch is provided as well, however, bring plenty of water! You’ll be on a boat so if you get seasick, definitely prepare for that with some motion sickness medication or the wristbands. Their website provides more details and an option for cruise-goers as well!

HIT ? Bioluminescence river tour in Hopkins

It’s at night, so just remember to wear bug spray!

Thank you, Adrienne, for sharing your experience in Belize! These definitely look like some Fine Outings!

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