5 Things to Do and Avoid in Ireland and Northern Ireland

Bryan S. shares his 5 hits and misses from a recent trip to Ireland and Northern Ireland. You won’t need the luck of the Irish when planning your trip if you read this post!

HIT ? Dunluce Castle – Northern Ireland

Dunluce is the ruins of a medieval castle on the cliffs above the ocean. The castle proper sits on a tall island just off the coast. Many of the walls are intact. You can wander all over the ruins. The scenery and the feel of the castle are dramatic. Bring a jacket–the sea winds are brisk. You need a rental car to reach this castle.

HIT ? Walking Tour of Derry – Northern Ireland

You will be walking for a couple of hours all around the city centre, up and down many stairs, and along the tops of the wall around Derry. The guide is a local with colorful stories and a thick brogue. Stand close so you can understand! Website to book tours can be found here.

HIT ? Giant’s Causeway – Northern Ireland

This was especially a hit because we were there in early December. There were very few tourists, so we could hear the guide well, could explore the area at our leisure, and get plenty of photos without other people in the shots. Bring a jacket or coat–the wind is very brisk. We walked down on the tour and took the free shuttle back up to the visitor’s centre. There are many tour companies for the Giant’s Causeway I would start with Viator to see if there are any additional activities you want to tack on or if you want to go with just the Causeway.

HIT ?Titanic Belfast – Northern Ireland

The museum is massive. If you’re a museum junkie, allow several hours to go through it. The Titanic was built in Belfast. The museum describes how it was built and the industries that supported its maiden voyage. You also learn about passengers and crew. It was fascinating. It’s a great indoor activity if the weather is poor. There’s a cafe inside and underground parking if you have a rental car. It’s also close to public transportation. Click Here for the museum’s website.

MISS ? St. Patrick’s Cathedral – Ireland

We were expecting the cathedrals of Dublin to be like those in the rest of Europe–open every day. We went on a Sunday afternoon and it was closed. In fact, every cathedral we passed in Dublin that Sunday was closed. Don’t assume. Make sure you investigate their hours beforehand. The cathedrals were beautiful on the outside though!

Check out Jeff’s hits and Misses from Dublin for some more Ireland Hits and Misses as well as to get more information about St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The website for the Cathedral can be found here.

Thank you, Bryan, for sharing your experience in Ireland and Northern Ireland! These definitely look like some Fine Outings!

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