5 Things to Do When Traveling to Peru

Liz B. shares her 5 favorite parts from her trip to Peru! This is our first South American Country Blog Post so make sure to give it a read. Peru looks absolutely stunning from the pictures we got from Liz. Looks like the trip was full of Fiiine Outings!

HIT ? Machu Picchu

Constructed around 1450, this Incan city tucked away in the Andes was abandoned around the time of the Spanish conquest. As a result, it was never found and plundered by the Spanish and was brought to international attention in the early 1900s. Because it was not plundered it is relatively well preserved and continues to be restored by archeologists and was voted as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. It is an absolute must-see when in Peru and is likely the most iconic attraction in the country. Just make sure to check the weather before you hike up.

You have to pay an entrance fee and there are 2 slots times you can enter the ruins. In addition to a number of ways to get to the ruins via hiking there is also a train to the city, Aguas Caliente, that is right at the base of the mountain and other travelers have said it was about an hour walk from there to the ruins or you can take one of the buses up. Eventually, we may have a guide on how to travel to Machu Picchu but for now, you can check out this guide by Two Scots Abroad.

HIT ? Monasterio de Santa Catalina, Arequipa

This is an amazing Monastery that is still operational. Take a tour and learn about the amazing history of this beautiful place. Entrance is about $12 for adults (40 Peru Neuvo Sol) and there are tour guides available for hire right inside the entrance for around $5-10 as well.

HIT ? Textile market in Chinchero

This is the place to buy authentic Peruvian textiles. Not cheesy touristy stuff. This is where the locals come to shop. Buy from the textile makers directly. The town and surroundings are so beautiful, it’s a fun and scenic way to spend a morning shopping. The market is only on Sunday morning so plan accordingly!

HIT ? Inka Market in Lima Peru

This is definitely a place for tourists, but it is still a fun place to see and experience! The market across the street is more affordable though so make sure to check that out as well!

HIT ? Plaza de Armas

Most Peruvian towns have a main square called Plaza de Armas. Walk around and enjoy the rich history, restaurants, and shops. Most have a Cathedral or smaller church, each with its own history and charm!

Thank you, Liz, for sharing your experience in Peru! These definitely look like some Fine Outings!

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