5 Things to Do When Visiting Jordan

Stephen W shares his top 5 fine outings from his recent trip to Jordan. Littered with well preserved historical structures as well as places rich with historical and religious significance, visiting Jordan sounds like a Fiiine Outing!

HIT ? Petra

It’s important to give yourself a couple of hours to explore because it’s a lot bigger than you would expect! Also, bring lots of water, it gets hot down there!

HIT ? Wadi Rum

I would spend more than a day in this beautiful place! It’s one of the coolest places in all of Jordan! You can ride camels, take trucks through the dunes, camp under the stars, explore hidden caves, enjoying dances and food with the locals!

HIT ? Red Sea Snorkeling

Check the weather before you go! It’s always an amazing experience but it’s a lot harder to enjoy the scenery on a windy day. On windy days it gets quite turbulent and hard to stay in one spot

HIT ? Ruins of Jerash

Everyone tries to get you to “take a picture” on the camels or donkeys and the once you do they charge you! Despite the annoying picture taking scam, it’s a very beautiful place!

HIT ? Castle of Ajloun

The whole castle is pretty much intact and beautiful to go through! Give yourself some time and don’t be rushed!

Thank you, Stephen, for sharing your experience in Jordan! These definitely look like some Fine Outings!

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